01. Support

I am here to support you as you build your dream business. I can offer practical advice, show you the steps I took in my businesses, and  lend an ear to listen to your ideas and how you want your vision to unfold. I have over 35 years of experience and knowledge in running my own creative businesses, meaning I bring genuine empathy and understanding  to help support women like you in creating the business of your dreams.

02. Nurture

I know first hand the issues faced by women setting up and running a creative business. I too have experienced the stresses and strains of juggling family life and the need to be flexible with having limited time to bring my creative dream to life. Nurturing your dream is easier with the support of someone who has already travelled the road you are on.

03. Empower

My hope is that by sharing my knowledge with you I can help you forge an easier path. By working with me you will be able to access the systems and methods I use in my businesses, which will enable you to get your own creativity out into the world sooner. I want to empower you to discover and unleash your own inner goddess and build a creative business you love. You already have the power of the goddess within you, I can help you find her.


Gaynor Marshall

Hello! My name is Gaynor and I’m the person behind Metis Mentoring. A space for creative goddesses to come together and to pursue their creative dreams. Whether that is a stall at a local craft fair or to have their products stocked in stores all over the world, every dream is unique.

I want to empower women, especially those who may be embarking on a second career or are changing the direction of an existing business, to have the strength to believe in themselves and to offer them support along the way.

The route I have taken to get to this point in my life is quite a circuitous one.

I grew up in a creative household and absorbed a lot without ever really trying. Painting, sewing, knitting (and a lot more besides) were just things we did.

I suppose my early childhood experiences opened the door to me becoming what is now termed, multi-passionate. However, sewing and surface design and illustration have been recurring themes and are my biggest loves, and something I think I will always do.

Running my own businesses has meant I have had to wear many hats; designer, website builder, marketer, administrator, social media manager and every other title that was needed. I have spent countless hours solving technical problems, researching the best way to do things as well as actually creating my products and selling them.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of helping lots of other women with their creative businesses. I’ve shared hints and tips about how I’ve built my own businesses, supported them in exploring their own creativity and helped them to find their niche.

I’ve been able save them time and energy, so they can get on with actually working in their businesses.

My mission now is to help to support even more women and that’s where Metis Mentoring comes in.

I love to help women to turn their passions into practical form and their dreams into reality.

Finding Metis has been like the end of a journey I didn’t know I was on. As if all the experiences in my life up to this point have been leading me to her.

Now that I have found her, my true purpose can begin…helping women, like you, to find your own path. To encourage and empower you to unleash your own inner goddess and build a sustainable, ethical business that you love.

I look forward to meeting you.


Who is Metis Mentoring For?

Grass Roots

Women with a creative idea who need help taking the next step

A New Adventure

Women embarking on new adventures after divorce, or raising families

Get unstuck

Women who have a new business and need a little extra guidance moving forward


Women who want to have a positive impact on the environment

Passive Income

Women who want to develop additional income streams


Women who want someone experienced to walk beside them, to listen to them, to gently guide them